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Preganacy Must Have

When I got pregnant one of the first things to cross my mind was my body. I am beginning to go through the craziest beauty challenge known to woman and the biggest question was… Am I going to get strectch marks!!!!!
I know that stretch marks are genetics related and if it in my genes I will get them no matter what. But I still knew I was going to do everything in my power to prevent them.

So I began searching high and low for the top preventative products and reading reviews. Eventually I came across the Mustela Double Action Stretch Mark Cream. So I checked out their website and I noticed that their products were exclusive to mommies and babies, which I really liked and may have been the deciding factor in choosing this cream. It is about $40, you can get it at stores like Nordstrom or for a limited time you can get the Belly and Bust kit at Babies “R” Us for $39.99. I didn’t give myself a budget for a preventitative cream because you can’t put a price tag on this woman’s body!


Another thing I noticed are their ingredients Elastoregulator, Avocado Peptides, Lupeol, and Alpha Hydroxy Acid which all mixed together makes this magical cream that helps enhance the elasticity of your skin and can potetionally prevent stretch marks!!! Ok sold.

When I received the Stretch Marks Survival Kit-Belly and Bust, I was about 20 weeks and was so excited I tried it that same night. Ok first, it smells great  (I cannot stand the smell of coco butter). Second, it’s has the right amount of creaminess, which is very important to me because I hate lotions that are watery or too thick.
I then began to lather my belly every night which I love doing because it became a before bed bonding time for mommy and baby. My little prince feels me rubbing and then all of sudden he becomes karate kid (his little feet feel so f-ing cute!). I haven’t gained much weight anywhere else on my body but after my morning shower I also rub Mustela on my thighs and ASSets. You can never be too safe ;)  Can’t you kinda tell my bottles are almost empty!


I am now 35 weeks and it is with great pleasure and excitement to inform you that I am stretch mark FREE! Yayyy I couldn’t be happier. I will take the sleepless nights, and endless trips to the restroom any day over stretch marks! Haha

Two other little things I do to stay stretch mark free are:
1. I put about about 10 drops of 100% pure Jajoba oil into my body wash. It isn’t oily and it keeps the moisture locked in. You can get this at your local Whole Foods store.
2. And I hear keeping hydrated will help, I drink water all day long!

I will keep you guys updated after the baby is born. If I do get them I will be a tigress who earned her stripes dammit! But honestly, I don’t think it will be the end of the world, I will wear them as proud medals of motherhood!


DIY Distressed Boyfriend Jeans

While the belly band has been working out great for me I still wanted at least one pair of maternity jeans that could grow with me throughout the pregnancy. I have been on the hunt for a pair of jeans with a little, I don’t know… oomph. But what all I have been finding are A LOT of simple jeans boring jeans. I am sure the maternity industry does this intentionally because pregnant women just what to get a lot of wear out of them and don’t really care if they are fashionable. I was determined to find cute jeans, but no matter how fashion forward the stores I go to are I cannot find this fun pair of jeans. Ok to be fair, I am a woman, I don’t have anything specific in mind but when I know if I see them I would know it! :)

A friend told me to try Pea in a Pod, because they are the “fashionable maternity store”. So I took my butt over there and while they have a good selection of really nice designer jeans, I just can not justify spending $100- $300 on a pair of jeans that I will only wear for 7-8 months. I then walked over to their sale section to see if i could find a my dream jeans there, but to no avail. I did however find these pair of dark wash jeans on sale for $15.99!!


Ok they are super plain, maybe were a size too big for me, and very loose on the legs but they looked nothing like my other pair of maternity jeans and they had potential to be something better. I decide to take them and make some really cool distressed boyfriend jeans. And here are the results!!

I’ve received a lot of compliments on them (believe it or not mostly from non-pregnant women) So I decided to share this pictorial with you guys.

Supplies you’ll need:!

- Pair of jeans

- Chalk pencil or chalk

- Exacto knife

- Washing machine and dryer


Step 1. Step 1: If this is your first time choose a pair of jeans that you don’t mind ruining and let the fun begin!

Step 2: Put on your jeans and use a chalk pencil/ chalk to mark where you want the distressing to be. You do this with 1/4 inch spaced out lines as long as you want them to go. I wanted a short fat hole and a long skinny hole so this is what I did. Don’t worry, I know it doesn’t look promising but it will work!

Step 3: Take them off and before cutting, pull your arm through the jean to prevent damage to the other side and slice across the marks you’ve made. I suggest adding a couple of slices on all the pockets of the jeans to get that really “worn in” look.

Step 4: When you are done, throw them in the wash and then dryer. Putting your jeans through the wash and dry cycle will help the fraying.

Step 5: Finished! The more you wash them over time, the more the it will enhance the tearing and fraying that you have just created.

Here is my finished product again, I hope you can make your dream jeans too!



Leather Jacket: Personal | Pants: A Pea in the Pod | Shoes: Zara | Hat: Top Shop, similar here | Necklace: H&M similar here

My Tummy Savior

Look guys I am wearing cute pants and they aren’t maternity!

imageimageimageLast post I talked about how none of my pants are fitting me but maternity pants are falling off of my ass. Well I found a solution! I have been learning a lot about maternity fashion, primarily that most of it is horrendous and I wouldn’t be caught dead in it. Anyway, I was talking to my cousin about my pant troubles (hashtag pregoproblems) and she let me in on this little pregnancy secret. Well maybe it’s not a secret, but I feel like someone has been keeping it from it me!! It is called the Belly Band! Or a Tummy Sleeve whatever floats your boat. But here is the great thing about them.

Basically it is a piece of stretchy, elastic material women use  to cover the growing belly and  to wear their non maternity jeans and pants. All you have to do is just leave the buttons of your jeans open and the belly band will cover the exposed skin. It is also kind of a belt to hold up your pants because the this band is tight enough to hold them up. Doesn’t it sound great already!


Reasons why I love it!

1. They are afforable! You can buy them here, 2 for $25 and they come in all colors!!

Pregnant women have other expenses to think about and maternity clothes can get pricey for something you can only wear for about 5 months of your pregnancy.

2. They help you stay in your own pre-pregnancy clothes longer. So If you carrying small you can wear your cute pants and skirts

3. They keep your belly covered when your tops come up.

4. I only have two pairs of maternity pants so I don’t want to look like I’m wearing the same thing everyday.

5. It also makes as a shirt extender so even when I’m not preggo I will still use them for when I wear my annoying lowrider jeans that always show my crack when I bend down. Ha!

imageWhat’s inside my bag? Do you love my iphone case because I do!!



Striped sweater: Two Kids | Pants: Personal | Shoes: Zara, similar here | Hand bag: Two Kids | Bracelets: Personal | Necklace: H&M similar here

Totally Brainwashed


Here’s where the weird ironic part of me comes out. I’m not the super girly girl. I prefer wearing pants over dresses and you’ll probably never see me wear pink. I leave all of that stuff for Dayana. But theres something about Minnie Mouse and Hello Kitty that just makes me so happy.


I remember going into the Sanrio store at the Garden State Mall every weekend when I was a kid and getting so excited to see what new pencil case I could persuade my mom to buy. Then my dad and his best friend thought it would be a great idea to bring their families to Disney World once a year (and by good idea, I mean they got trapped into buying timeshares.) So I am a pro at Disney World—not Land, must be specific when it comes to the lands and worlds. And it is now that I am realizing I was brainwashed when I was a kid. Shit. Thanks a lot Walt and Sanrio, I totally fell into your consumer traps!

Well! Whatever! I love Minnie Mouse and Hello Kitty and I’m not afraid to show it! I actually found this shirt in Orlando with my BroFF, Paul. He found it and knew I would love it. So here is a blurry picture of the two of us finding it in the thrift store. That’s right, a thrift store. Yeah, turns out you can buy Disney garb for less a few miles away from the parks.


I gotta say, Mickey Mouse seems to be more popular than ever these days. And Minnie has an occasional cameo too! The thing about graphic tees that I love, is taking them and wearing them with something dressier and mixing the grunge and the glamour. It’s all about contrast!


T-Shirt: Two Kids  |  Jacket: H&M  |  Necklace: Similar here

growing fashionably… at-least attempting to

imageHere I am in that awkward in-between stage in my pregnancy, when my pre-pregnancy pants are getting just a little too tight and maternity pants are still too big and falling off of my butt.
I wish it was summer so I could just wear those cute summer dresses with empire waists, or those beautiful maxi skirts I see pregnant women wear in the movies… except this isn’t Hollywood and it ain’t summer all year round in NYC. So I have to improvise.

imageI have been turning to all of my leggings, harem pants and my boyfriend jeans in these cold winter days.

These boyfriend jeans are extremely loose on the waist, so all of the belt troubles I had with them pre-pregnancy are all gone! They fit perfect now! I am thinking about going shopping for some new boyfriend jeans since it is something I can wear post pregnancy unlike maternity pants.

My body is changing so quickly, like litterally I will wake up inches bigger than the day before. But today at 6 months and a couple of weeks I am starting to feel amazing. The most amazing part of course is feeling my baby kick and move! I can’t describe how great this sensation is. There are so many things I am being introduced to every week and it is so exciting always having something new to look forward to!!


hello baby!imageimageimageimageimage



Army T-Shirt: Two Kids | Jacket (tied at waist): Two Kids (coming soon) | Boyfriend Jeans: ASOS | Shoes: Zara, similar here | Bracelets: Personal | Rings: Personal | Necklace: H&M similar here

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